The Student Activist Workshop is a project of Students for the Second Amendment .

The Student Activist Workshop is a one-day program, designed to provide college and high school students with the tools necessary to start, fund, and grow conservative and libertarian organizations on campus.

Students who attend the workshop will explore such topics as; Dynamic Group Organization, Media Relations, Effective Campus Activism, Fundraising, and Parliamentary Procedure. 

The fee for attending the workshop is $15.00 per student. This fee includes all tuition, books, handouts, materials, and lunch. 

Obviously, this small fee does not begin to cover the total cost of the program. The Student Activist Workshop is generously subsidized by a group of pro-freedom associations, businesses, and individuals who are concerned about the pervasive climate of hostility on our college and high school campuses, towards the founding principles of our nation. 

Check back soon for an update on the next scheduled Student Activist Workshop to be held in late September or early October of 2007.

To view the instructional agenda for the Student Activist Workshop, click here.

For more information, contact: Damaso Torres (210) 674-5559
National Executive Director    
Students for the Second Amendment

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